Back to chemistry

So, I took a break for some soul searching. Now I’m back to experimenting with different cures for the body.
I’ve had a bad stomach ever since I moved to the United States, or maybe even before.
I started experimenting with some cheap chemicals to see how my body would react.
My first experiment has been using a 50-50 solution of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and distilled water to do a mouth swish 3 times a day. I’ve done that for almost a month now.
I’m happy to report that my gums are pinker than they’ve ever been. I’m also pooping more. Yay!


My mind is also clearer, which led me to do some diet changes, like give up gluten. So, it’s also helped with muscle soreness. And I’m taking some magnesium supplements.

I’m also doing salt flushes. For a recipe, go here : Dr Axe Salt Water Flush


How do I think he sees me

2015-07-29 067

If I  believe I’m supportive of him, I will need him to need my help.

If I believe I’m kind to him, I will need to suppress my anger.

If I believe I’m submissive, I will not have a voice of my own.

If I believe I’m smart, I will need to always say the right things.

If I believe I’m beautiful, I will need him to show me off.

If I believe I’m spiritual, I will need him to hear my insights.

If I believe I’m strong, I will need him to be a victim.

If I believe I’m his best friend, I will need him to answer my e-mails.

If I believe I’m forgiving, I will need him to get angry at me.

If I believe I’m loving, I will need him to feel unworthy.

If I believe I’m understanding, I will need him to have a problem.

Everything is just a bonus

Why is a baby so content? Why? She needs no car, no money, no house, no love, no relationships.
What is occurring to me is that everything is fine just the way it is. Perfect. Everything else is just a bonus. And what I find funny and sad at the same time is my attitude when the bonus is being taken away. I almost always forget that I am fine and that nothing is lacking.
Thank you, my sweet, for giving and taking away, so I can remember that I am perfect.
Thank you for pleasure and pain, for abundance and lack.
Thank you for connection with a friend, and thank you for space.
‘God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.’ Rumi