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Back to chemistry

So, I took a break for some soul searching. Now I’m back to experimenting with different cures for the body.
I’ve had a bad stomach ever since I moved to the United States, or maybe even before.
I started experimenting with some cheap chemicals to see how my body would react.
My first experiment has been using a 50-50 solution of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and distilled water to do a mouth swish 3 times a day. I’ve done that for almost a month now.
I’m happy to report that my gums are pinker than they’ve ever been. I’m also pooping more. Yay!


My mind is also clearer, which led me to do some diet changes, like give up gluten. So, it’s also helped with muscle soreness. And I’m taking some magnesium supplements.

I’m also doing salt flushes. For a recipe, go here : Dr Axe Salt Water Flush