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Life and death are equal?


I am one of the people who likes to test for myself what other considered teachers are saying. I like to try different diets to see how my body feels after I eat, I like to try different spiritual practices to see which ones bring me peace. So today I went out for a walk to test one of Byron Katie’s sayings : “Life and death are equal in my experience.” Now this one was difficult for me to grasp; my family and I think most of the world don’t see these 2 as equal. I used to want to die as a child, but I don’t think it was because I loved death, but because I feared it, and wanted to die before anyone else in my family, so as not to experience the separation. I have a very strong connection to the trees and today they offered me a different perspective on death. I could see both life and death and they appeared equal. I could see how the live trees were providing a place to nest for the birds, and I could also see how the dead trees were providing food for the birds. I thought back to my grandparents who have passed away and remembered how I didn’t always listen to them when they were alive, but how I feel their influence now that their physical bodies are gone, how I do things like gardening because my grandpas enjoyed it or cooking the foods that my grandma cooked. It certainly feels that their spirit is much stronger in its silence than their actual words ever were.



PS My husband took the pictures today in a wooded area where we sometimes walk. The last picture has a pair of Carolina Wrens in it, the male on top of the log, and the female is in the crevice off to the right.